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November 2022

Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Announces 24th Season

thumbnail of PSGMC__2022-23 Season Announcement 11_4_2022

July 2022

Chorus Cares – School Supplies Drive

thumbnail of PSGMC__School Supplies Drive_Outreach_ 7_7_2022

May 2022

Razzle, Dazzle, Shine

thumbnail of PSGMC__Razzle Dazzle Shine 2_15_2022

November 2021

Sparkle, Twinkle, Jingle

thumbnail of PSGMC__Sparkle Twinkle Jingle PR 11_10_2021

August 2021

Sing Out Proud Auditions

thumbnail of PSGMC_New AD & Sing Out Proud Auditions 8_24_2021

March 2021

Easter Parade Event

thumbnail of PSGMC__Easter Parade 3_18_2021

February 2021

Bouschet Virtual Wine Tasting

thumbnail of PSGMC__Bouschet Winetasting Fundraiser 2_10_2021

January 2021

Christmas in Palm Springs

thumbnail of PSGMC__Christmas in Palm Springs 11_23_2020

December 2020

Outreach Media Alert for Martha’s Village

thumbnail of PSGMC__Marthas Village & Kitchen Toy Drive_Outreach_ 12_15_2020

July 2020

 PSGMC Launches School Supplies Drive

thumbnail of PSGMC__School Supplies Drive_Outreach_ 7_14_2020

October 2019

PSGMC Launches 21st Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_21st Season 11_26_2019

August 2019

Sing Out Proud!

thumbnail of PSGMC_CVRep Concert 7_26_2019

June 2019

Sing With Us Auditions

thumbnail of PSGMC_Sing With Us Audition 6_18_2019

March 2019

PSGMC Presents “Quiet No More”

thumbnail of PSGMC_Quiet No More_3_12_2019

October 2018

20th Anniversary Season Concerts

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces 2018_19 Season 10_12_2018

August 2018

Benefit Concert for Palm Springs

thumbnail of Best of R&H_PCT & PSGMC Fundraiser 8_29_2018

July 2018

Chorus Concert at CVRep

thumbnail of PSGMC_CV Rep Concert 7_5_2018

July 2018

PSGMC Auditions

thumbnail of PSGMC_Sing With Us Audition 7_16_2018

May 2018

Honoring Harvey Milk

thumbnail of PSGMC_Media Alert_Harvey Milk Day_RC 5_21_2018

March 2018

Cruzin’: Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock

thumbnail of PSGMC_Cruzin 3_29_2018

December 2017

PSGMC Announces Next Concerts

thumbnail of PSGMC_Joyful Traditions & Cruzin 11_30_17

September 2017

PSGMC Announces New 2017-2018 Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces 2017-18 Season 9_28_17

July 2017

PSGMC To Hold Auditions for 19th Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Sing With Us Audition 7_25_2017

April 2017

Palm Springs Pops

thumbnail of PSGMC_Palm Springs Pops 3_27_2017

March 2017

PSGMC Community Outreach

thumbnail of PSGMC_Community Outreach 3_15_2017

January 2017

Simply Sondheim Concert

thumbnail of PSGMC_Simply Sondheim 1_19_2017

October 2016

PSGMC Furthers Its Community Outreach

thumbnail of PSGMC_Community-Outreach-10_17_2016

September 2016

PSGMC Announces 2016-2017 Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces-2016-2017-Season-9_12_16

July 2016

PSGMC to Hold Singing Auditions for 18th Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces-2016-2017-Season-9_12_16

June 2016

Hobbs Matching Grant Campaign

thumbnail of Hobbs-Matching-Grant-Correspondence-to-Donors-6_30_2016

March 2016

PSGMC Presents: Fascinatin’ Rhythm

thumbnail of PSGMC_Fascinatin-Rhythm_3_2016

March 2016

PSGMC Honors George Zander

thumbnail of PSGMC_George-Zander-3_2_2016