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March 2023

Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus
Brings “Notorious!” to the Annenberg Stage

thumbnail of Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus Brings “Notorious!” to the Annenberg Stage.

February 2023

PSGMC Community
Performances Include
Hitting New Heights

thumbnail of PSGMC Community Performance including Hitting New Heights with Mandy Gonzalez and Javier Munoz at the McCallum

November 2022

Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Announces 24th Season

thumbnail of PSGMC__2022-23 Season Announcement 11_4_2022

July 2022

Chorus Cares – School Supplies Drive

thumbnail of PSGMC__School Supplies Drive_Outreach_ 7_7_2022

May 2022

Razzle, Dazzle, Shine

thumbnail of PSGMC__Razzle Dazzle Shine 2_15_2022

November 2021

Sparkle, Twinkle, Jingle

thumbnail of PSGMC__Sparkle Twinkle Jingle PR 11_10_2021

August 2021

Sing Out Proud Auditions

thumbnail of PSGMC_New AD & Sing Out Proud Auditions 8_24_2021

March 2021

Easter Parade Event

thumbnail of PSGMC__Easter Parade 3_18_2021

February 2021

Bouschet Virtual Wine Tasting

thumbnail of PSGMC__Bouschet Winetasting Fundraiser 2_10_2021

January 2021

Christmas in Palm Springs

thumbnail of PSGMC__Christmas in Palm Springs 11_23_2020

December 2020

Outreach Media Alert for Martha’s Village

thumbnail of PSGMC__Marthas Village & Kitchen Toy Drive_Outreach_ 12_15_2020

July 2020

 PSGMC Launches School Supplies Drive

thumbnail of PSGMC__School Supplies Drive_Outreach_ 7_14_2020

October 2019

PSGMC Launches 21st Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_21st Season 11_26_2019

August 2019

Sing Out Proud!

thumbnail of PSGMC_CVRep Concert 7_26_2019

June 2019

Sing With Us Auditions

thumbnail of PSGMC_Sing With Us Audition 6_18_2019

March 2019

PSGMC Presents “Quiet No More”

thumbnail of PSGMC_Quiet No More_3_12_2019

October 2018

20th Anniversary Season Concerts

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces 2018_19 Season 10_12_2018

August 2018

Benefit Concert for Palm Springs

thumbnail of Best of R&H_PCT & PSGMC Fundraiser 8_29_2018

July 2018

Chorus Concert at CVRep

thumbnail of PSGMC_CV Rep Concert 7_5_2018

July 2018

PSGMC Auditions

thumbnail of PSGMC_Sing With Us Audition 7_16_2018

May 2018

Honoring Harvey Milk

thumbnail of PSGMC_Media Alert_Harvey Milk Day_RC 5_21_2018

March 2018

Cruzin’: Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock

thumbnail of PSGMC_Cruzin 3_29_2018

December 2017

PSGMC Announces Next Concerts

thumbnail of PSGMC_Joyful Traditions & Cruzin 11_30_17

September 2017

PSGMC Announces New 2017-2018 Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces 2017-18 Season 9_28_17

July 2017

PSGMC To Hold Auditions for 19th Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Sing With Us Audition 7_25_2017

April 2017

Palm Springs Pops

thumbnail of PSGMC_Palm Springs Pops 3_27_2017

March 2017

PSGMC Community Outreach

thumbnail of PSGMC_Community Outreach 3_15_2017

January 2017

Simply Sondheim Concert

thumbnail of PSGMC_Simply Sondheim 1_19_2017

October 2016

PSGMC Furthers Its Community Outreach

thumbnail of PSGMC_Community-Outreach-10_17_2016

September 2016

PSGMC Announces 2016-2017 Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces-2016-2017-Season-9_12_16

July 2016

PSGMC to Hold Singing Auditions for 18th Season

thumbnail of PSGMC_Announces-2016-2017-Season-9_12_16

June 2016

Hobbs Matching Grant Campaign

thumbnail of Hobbs-Matching-Grant-Correspondence-to-Donors-6_30_2016

March 2016

PSGMC Presents: Fascinatin’ Rhythm

thumbnail of PSGMC_Fascinatin-Rhythm_3_2016

March 2016

PSGMC Honors George Zander

thumbnail of PSGMC_George-Zander-3_2_2016