2021/2022 Maestro Circle Donors

Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support of our Annual Fund!

STAR ($5,000 – $9,999)

Steve Tobin, Johnny Krupa and the Board of Directors of the Grace Helen Spearman Foundation

PRODUCER ($2,500 – $4,999)

Michael Carson & Ron Steigerwalt Ph. D.

COMPOSER ($1,500-$2499)

Alan McPhail and Ferguson Porter

James Clossin & Ryan Tinn

Richard Fluechtling

Dean Nickodemus & Ernie Santora

Al Meritt In memory of Mike Elhoffer

Bill Amplo & Bill Snellenberger

Steven Shuman & Bradley Kane

Michael D. Ziskind & P. Jeffrey Davis

CONDUCTOR ($1,000-$1,499)

Contour Dermatology (Lee Erwin & Tim Jochen)

Steve Baker & Doug Nagel

Joseph Musser

William Butler

Philip Sabatini & Mark Wilson, M.D.

Kevin Stern

Don Yager & Rick Groger

ACCOMPANIST ($500 – $999)

Joe Giarrusso & Charlie Paglia

Marcus Wing

Ray Warman & Dan Kiser

Emerald Yeh and Ron Blatman

Joe Suniga & Andrea Laguni

Anthony Zarrillo

Caryl Olins

Palm Springs Plumbing

Robert Parrish

Robert Tickell

PERFORMER ($250 -$499)

Henry H. Doering III

Ralph Pascht & Mark Le Messurier

Joseph Nelson & John Goad

Dee Wescott

Salim Alama & Monty Poff

Mary & Michael Culshaw

Chuck Diodosio & Tim Hohmeier

  1. Schumacher

Harvey Day

Charles Richardson

Bruce Fowler G.P.

Paul Kowal

Phil Martin

Charles R. Middleton & John S. Geary

Larry & Paula Shuman In honor of Steve Shuman & Bradley Kane

This listing is for gifts over $250 received from Donations from August, 1, 2021 to March 18, 2022.

If your gift is not listed here, please contact Ernie Santora at: development@psgmc.com. If you would like to make a contribution or planned gift to the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus, please visit us at www.psgmc.com